Glock Model 21 semi-automatic pistol .45 caliber

Take a look at this Glock Model 21.

Glock Firearm

Glock Model 21 semi-automatic pistol .45 caliber

Glock Unloaded
Glock Firearm

Yes, that’s my hand. No, the gun isn’t loaded :)
Check out this lovely animation of how the Glock 21 works.

Looking down the barrel of the Glock 21.
Glock Firearm

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  1. J@©K§m!th says:

    I really liked my 21.I regret selling it to this day.

  2. Utah~Dave AA7IZ says:

    Live & learn J@©K§m!th!

  3. dfsutton says:

    Black Talons?

  4. michael_jecks says:

    I regret losing my old 21 too – but here in the UK the government took ‘em all off us and banned legal sports shooting. It does the heart good to see a 21 in such good nick. Lovely photo.

  5. BPD_126 says:

    Nice pic. I have a few I’ve taken w/ my new camera of Speer Gold Dots that turned out pretty well. Is that in "sepia" mode? I like the black and white mode too.

  6. fmormsnike says:


  7. ♔ Georgie R says:

    Looking at that animation it’s easy to see how the pistol could jam – which could be very awkward for you.

  8. Izzard says:

    I think the animation makes it look that way – but I’m sure the actual gun is developed extremely well to be incredibly reliable. Fortunately it’s not something I worry too much about because I want nothing to do with guns in my career. I hope they don’t make us all carry them one day.

  9. brentdanley says:

    Nice gun. I’ve never experienced a jam or seen my friends’ Glocks jam. Please add this to the GLOCK group.

    Found in a search. (?)

  10. babygggeee says:

    what do you carry in terms of a weapon???? Just wondering….
    great shot by the way….

  11. Izzard says:

    I’m not a firearms officer so I carry PAVA (pepper) spray and and ASP baton.

  12. Josh Douglas (J-diggity-dogg) king lurker says:

    I don’t know what it is, but every glock I’ve ever fired (3, all 9mm) have jammed on me. I even had a live round stuck at a 45 degree angle in the ejection port, not fun. But some people just LOVE they’re glocks, me, personally, I’d take a Sig Sauer or a HK any day.

  13. brentdanley says:

    You need a firmer grip. If the slide doesn’t get all the way back you will have problems. It’s you, not the Glock.

    Seen in my recent comments. (?)

  14. ♔ Georgie R says:

    I know next to nothing about firearms but anything that can go wrong will go wrong at some time. So if it can be held wrongly causing a jam that will happen to someone with perhaps fatal consequences – so I’d say it is a design fault.

  15. brentdanley says:

    I’ll go with that. What if some moron turned the gun around so the barrel was pointing straight back at themselves and pulled the trigger? Is that a design fault? You have to know how and use the tool properly. Should it be covered with safety stickers, warning instructions, and stick-figure diagrams? Come on! At some point the liability must shift from the manufacturer to the shooter.

    Seen in my recent comments. (?)

  16. ♔ Georgie R says:

    Mm … I think the key phrase there is, "at some point". Plainly firearms require care and skill if they are to be used properly.
    A friend of my father told me of a fellow officer on the Western Front in France who had a splendid Smith & Wesson revolver. He came back from a trench raid badly shaken as his pistol had failed to fire. When they examined it they found that a grass seed had lodged under the hammer stopping the firing pin from striking the cartridge. A splendid weapon for firing at targets but too finely made for service in the field.

  17. brentdanley says:

    Sometimes fail-to-fires occur, as you point out, for unforeseen reasons that are (by definition) difficult to prevent. Glocks are very simple firearms. They have very few parts. This makes them easy to break down and clean but also limits the number of possible points of failure.

    There are very good reasons the FBI and many LE agencies issue Glocks to their agents and officers.

    Seen in my recent comments. (?)

  18. Izzard says:

    Interesting debate. Frankly I’d be happy if every gun in the world popped out of existence tomorrow.

  19. krackels says:

    I’m guessing that you don’t handle firearms very often since you have a ‘firearm’ unit.

    It’s generally considered, at the least, very bad manners and extremely unsafe to have you finger on the trigger unless you’re ready to shoot something.

    Nice photo by the way.

  20. Izzard says:

    Well I’d agree it’s unsafe if the gun has any ammo in it. No, I don’t handle firearms at all. But if you’re someone who has never held a gun and someone gives you one to hold and look at, the first thing you’re going to do is see how it feels to have your finger on the trigger. That’s just human nature.

  21. Kels Viewfinder says:

    I got love for the Glock. Never want to be on this end unless it’s a photo! Looks like a 9 or .40…

  22. PhotoJenInc says:

    Just so cool and that dof is smokin’

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