Team Glock Member: Tori Nonaka

Tori Nonaka

Fifteen year old Tori Nonaka was introduced to the shooting sports very early in her life. At the age of 3, Tori’s father, Aaron Nonaka, began bringing Tori to the range where he focused on firearms safety and the fundamentals of marksmanship. By age 12, a natural gift for shooting began to emerge, and Tori began her competitive shooting career. Showing tremendous insight and support, her father sought instruction for Tori from a long list of the best action shooters in the world.

In a very short time, Tori’s talent began to manifest itself. In only 3 years, displaying a level of skill and devotion seldom seen at such a young age, Tori has established herself as a top junior and lady competitor in USPSA, IDPA, Steel Challenge and GSSF competition. Tori’s work ethic and dedication to the Second Amendment is evidenced by the fact that she joined the NRA with money she earned working part-time jobs while in high school.

Another testament to her work ethic is the fact that, despite a rigorous training regimen and match schedule, she excels academically and maintains a 3.8 GPA. Tori greets everyone with a smile, and passionately shares her love of the shooting sports and the Second Amendment with everyone she encounters.

Tori has recently began modeling, and shows as much promise in that field as she does as an already accomplished shooting champion. She aspires to be an ambassador to the outdoor industry, with an emphasis on the shooting sports. With her outgoing personality, dedication to academics, and amazing work ethic, she is sure to bring value to any company that selects her as a professional representative.

With Glock’s help, I hope to share my passion with people everywhere and inspire them to get involved with practical shooting. – Tori Nonaka



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